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Welcome to our AGO Kitchens family. We’re thrilled to finally open our doors and website. You may have read a bit about who we are on our ‘About Us’ page but we’re happy to tell you our story. AGO Kitchens came out of a passionate, dedicated, group of experts from different walks of life, back in 2013. The founders, Alexander and Olga are all world travellers. From climbing mountains in China, doing motorcycle tours across Vietnam, sailing and living on vineyards in Italy, they will be the first to tell you that travel is the greatest investment. Each country held its own spirit and each journey its own tale, but no matter how incredibly diverse and varied each day during travel is, there is one unanimous thing that never changed among cultures and people – cooking food to bring people together. Whether we were sitting on a colourful multi-thread rug in New Delhi inhaling indelible odours of curry and spices, to a Michelin-star restaurant in Manhattan, the one thing that always seemed to bring everyone together was the kitchen. We always considered The Kitchen as a sacred place; a haven, a canvas, a place to let your ideas run wild and take form in whatever comes. Olga and Alexander had always been inspired by food culture and specifically kitchens, which act as an incubator for different types of food culture. They had always dreamt of opening up a business that would allow them to create and build people’s dream kitchens. In 2013, destiny brought them together with Greg.

Some time later they shopped together in a homeware store and getting into a friendly argument over kitchen designs and the great debate over classic vs modern cabinet design. Realizing they were all on the same page yet with totally different sets of skills and ideas, they decided to try and design each other’s kitchens for one another. There is no greater motivation than friendly competition, from time to time, to help you realize how far you can go with your own ideas. This experimental project resulted in a partnership idea to open up a kitchen business together. After years of planning, they took their dreams to the world-renowned 2017 Milan Furniture and Design Expo, The Salone del Mobile Milano, where their business came alive.

The Salone del Mobile Milano is a Capital of World for Fashion and Design, including kitchens and Furniture. All the best Designers and manufacturers gathered to introduce best of the best product and spread out feeling/test of beauty. While visiting Expo, Alex and Olga met famous kitchens companies and colleagues from Italy and Russia, such as: Colombini Group, Alchymya Srl, Veneta Cucine, visited Big manufacturer Company Marconcini Stile Srl in Verona city.

Canada is far away from the Center of Fashion World and sometimes behind all new products in fashion Our goal to bring some Beauty to Canada, support local manufactories and make Canadians more happy and stylish.

Fast-forward to today, we are beyond thrilled and eager to be opening our doors for business. Our blogposts will usually be a bit more brief than this, but excitement seems to have taken over and we wanted to share our story with our readers. We will be posting weekly, regarding products, upcoming promotions, and other exciting news.