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The story behind AGO Kitchens comes from a long and winding journey of travel and adventure. With a few stops in between.

For nearly 15 years, I’ve pursued professional paths in Law, as a Legal Consultant and as President & Founder of a small legal firm. Before Law, I worked as an Engineer across Central Asia and Europe. The career paths I’ve taken have been quite diverse but no matter what I did and what I continue to pursue, my passion has always been in people. Specifically, improving the quality of life for people. My greatest fulfillment have always come from this. So, naturally, I felt the next phase of my life would be about taking this joy straight into my hands by designing and creating something remarkable for people in a place of their lives where beauty can matter. By beauty I mean the part of life where mechanical vision comes alive in colours, contours, and surreal sensation to take up aesthetic space.

So after years of mathematics, logic, and working in consulting I could finally say to myself: “You know what? I love people. But now I’m going to take it one step further. I’m going to invite myself straight into their homes and create something absolutely amazing for them.”

But why kitchens?

“Our kitchens story begins with traveling the world. From climbing mountains in Huashan, doing motorcycle tours from Hanoi to Saigon, and sailing across Europe to live and work on vineyards, Alexander and I wouldn’t be the first to say that travel is the greatest investment one could ever make. But we might be the first that jumped straight into kitchens, after scaling cliffs in Peru. The connection between our lives’ work and our AGO kitchens business is that we were able to see that each country held its own tale and each journey. But no matter where we went, we discovered that one unanimous thing that brought everything and everyone together: the sanctuary of kitchens. Namely, the timeless culture of uniting over Food. Whether we were in a multi-colluded tearoom in Tajikistan, inhaling indelible odours of curry and spices, to a Michelin-star restaurant in Manhattan, the one thing that always seemed to bring everyone together was the kitchen. We always considered The Kitchen as a sacred place; a haven, a canvas, a place to let your ideas run wild and take form in whatever comes. We had always been inspired by food culture and specifically kitchens, which act as an incubator for different types of food culture.

That is how my destiny brought me to opening up a business that would allow people to create and build their dream kitchens

Take a lifetime’s worth of global experience, combined with passionate handiwork and you get AGO.

The name of our Company comes from our names: Alexander (founder), Greg (Public relations) and Olga (founder and Director).

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