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We are especially proud to announce that AGO Premium Kitchens are one of the few companies in GTA that strives for eco-friendly and healthy design solutions. Health and ecology are #1 factor when defining good quality of life, so we made it our top priority!

We would like to introduce one of our latest designs: a white shaker, charcoal-grey island kitchen, and walk you through unique design features it possesses.

  1. Hypoallergenic Finish Solutions

One of the biggest priorities in this design was its hypoallergenic characteristics, so we selected solid maple for the door panels and low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) “Pune Bond” plywood for the interior with solid maple drawer boxes. The finishes are: water-based post-catalyzed polyurethane and hypoallergenic grey stain with a clear coat.

  1. Eco-friendliness

On top of our aspirations to make hypoallergenic and low VOC material choices, we strive to make our designs highly reusable/recyclable and use local materials and labor to keep CO2 emission as low as possible.

This kitchen was manufactured at our factory in Etobicoke, including production of door panels.

  1. Durability

All our kitchens are practical and as low maintenance as they could be. We use highly durable MDF and hardwoods along with reliable finishes, Blum soft-close hardware on doors and drawers.

We achieved this goal when designing this kitchen by choosing solid maple doors, plywood interiors, dovetail drawers, Blum soft-close door hinges and drawer slides. The appliance garages have Aventos parallel lifts. All hardware have a lifetime warranty!

  1. Use of space

It is crucial that you are able to utilize the space at its maximum capacity as well as it is convenient to work on.

As you can see here, we adhered to the ‘work triangle’ rule, making it easy to move between the main prep/cooking components: fridge, cooktop/oven and sink. All ‘hot spots’ of this kitchen are at your arm’s stretch.

We incorporated appliance garages, waste management systems, tray dividers, wine racks and last but not the least, a combination of shallow and deep drawers.

  1. Esthetics

A funny thing about esthetics is that no designer will ever tell you that he priorities esthetic qualities over practicality or cost-efficiency, because we do not. However, this is what sells the kitchen, makes your house unique, increases its value on the real estate market and just makes you feel great! That is why esthetics can’t be ignored; it is just as important as everything else!

This kitchen is in a transitional white shaker, dark island style. Island is always a focal point if it’s present, as it makes your kitchen a social spot; however, it won’t hurt if you complement it with some other details. A canopy hood it a great way to embellish your kitchen, so are glass doors and a kitchen hutch. In this kitchen, the canopy is done in the same material and color as the island, making the kitchen uniform and complete.

Lighting is another way to embellish a kitchen by adding some dynamics and emphasizing accent pieces.

As you can see in this kitchen, we put beautiful chrome pendants above the island, task lights over the counter, in the canopy hood, inside the glass cupboards and over the open shelf in the hutch.

These are the key features that made this kitchen design successful and unique. We are happy to keep our customers informed about best practices available on the market, as well as engaged in our manufacturing process.

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