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The style of your kitchen cabinets can set the tone for your entire home as well as for choosing
the proper hardware. The right door handles can make any kind of kitchen cabinets stand out,
but the key lies in choosing the perfect style and finish. When choosing kitchen cabinet
hardware, consider the colour of the cabinets themselves while opting for handles that bring out
the natural beauty of the surface, whether it’s wood, aluminum, veneer or MDF.

The flat-panel, or slab-door, cabinet style is most common amongst modern or contemporary
kitchens. The essence of this style is about minimal embellishment and letting the natural
materials speak for themselves. The wood grain might be the statement, or it could be a simple
linear-pull on a high-gloss white cabinet. Style aside – this look gets its strength from
understatement. Subtle hardware choices can make a big impact in a kitchen with flat-panel

C-Channel Metal Rail Pulls

A perfect option, for a minimalistic look

C-Channel provides a distinctive and functional contemporary design, eliminating the need for
traditional handles.

These handle-free cabinets open by simply placing your fingers on the hidden aluminum “C"
edges of the doors and drawers. This high-end product allows you to innovate in the way that
you design a kitchen. Currently, it is available in Aluminum Clear Anodize and Aluminum
Titanium Anodize.

C-Channel Integrated Wood Pulls

Wood pulls are for the purists who don’t want to mix too many materials in a kitchen. Their pure
and elegant design is perfect for a minimal kitchen.

What they do for the kitchen: Create a seamless look without interrupting the overall style
They work well with: Minimalist kitchens with no wall cabinets as well as kitchens with open
shelves with a beautiful wood or wood veneer finish.