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In the spotlight this week is our latest bathroom renovation project in Ajax for our clients James & Lori. This was a dual-bathroom redesign & renovation project that required working with each bathroom’s unique space and design goals, to achieve James and Lori’s dream bathrooms.

Starting with the Master Bathroom, our vision started at the centerpiece – the shower, which was originally small and limiting. We doubled the shower size by extending it to the tub and completing it with all-glass walls, opening up an entirely new look and feel.

All-glass walls allow natural light to open up and illuminate the space
Previously overflowing with personal items, the newly-installed pull-out drawers gave double the storage space, without plumbing getting in the way.

The main bathroom was all about storage and optimizing space. We did this by playing around with the existing space and light. Our lead designer, Sara, was able to brilliantly double cabinet storage space by simply restructuring the plumbing construction to run underneath the cabinetry, instead of through it.

The final results were all about light, elegance, and functional space.

We find that when a project requires space optimization and storage focus, playing around with existing space and its natural light is a key component. James & Lori were thrilled with their final bathroom results, as our teams were able to keep the rest of the house’s design intact, while giving the bathrooms a whole new life.


Stay tuned for more bathroom projects coming up in the new year!