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We look at kitchen cabinets as the foundation to your entire kitchen space. Regarded as one of the most important installations, it is also arguably the most daunting. Our installers have specialized in Cabinet Installations for over 25+ years. They understand precision over speed, quality over quantity, and work hard to establish a perfect foundation for a perfect space.

Kitchen Cabinets Installation Process:

Pre-Installation Option

At AGO, we understand that people are dynamic beings, whose preferences evolve daily. Which is why before we deliver your kitchen to your home, we assemble it with our manufacturing teams, and invite you to take a look. When you arrive at our factory, we treat you to a light lunch while presenting you with your brand new kitchen. We cover all process and assembly details, answer all your questions, and leave the floor open to any new modifications you might like to make (only for color and form).

  • Remove the old cabinets, if there were any;
  • Paint the room and replace the flooring if you are going to.
  • We bring all materials, supplies and equipment for the project;
  • With your room prepped and guidelines marked, it’s time to hang the upper cabinets. It’s easier to install upper cabinets before the base cabinets go in;
  • Begin work on the lower cabinets once the upper cabinets have been completed;
  • Do a test fit and, if the cabinets are backed, make any cutouts necessary for electrical outlets, plumbing hookups, and the like;
  • The counter top should be the next task once the cabinets have been completed.

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