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A home is a space for you to feel comfort and to make it your own. There are many elements to interior décor and all of them combine to express your tastes, personality and lifestyle. The kitchen and bathrooms are no exception – they can be styled in any way you want! Customize your home and give it some character by installing your choice of decorative hardware and kitchen and bathroom accessories.


Whether your home’s aesthetic is traditional or modern you have many options when it comes to adding flair and personality. Our decorative hardware from Berenson features unique designs for hooks, knobs, handles and many other home accessories. You will find intricate, delicate pieces invoking luxury and rustic vibes alongside sleek, minimalistic items suited for modern, futuristic homes, giving you a broad selection of choice for any style of interior décor.


Our range of kitchen accessories from Richelieu features useful kitchen drawer and cabinet organization tools, along with helpful door opening system for easier access. Blum opening systems are also available, along with variety of speciality hinges with swivel, bending and folding capabilities so you can reach any of your items.


Light up your rooms with our selection of lighting hardware and accessories. With easy to use dimmers and switches you can bring light into the rooms of your home that need it most, and our variety of lighting solutions can make that happen!